Our Story

Two Trees Design is a family owned business in Ojai, California. We specialize in making high quality martial arts products, primarily for Japanese styles such as Aikido, Karate, and Iaido.

As an active martial artist, I was always searching for the right case to transport weapons to and from the dojo. The cases I found either fell apart quickly or seemed to be completely overbuilt. After discussing this with an instructor of mine, he pulled out an old Bujin Design weapons bag purchased decades earlier. The bag was still in great shape even having been dragged all over the world. 

I was sold. I looked high and low for this bag but the company that created it had gone out of business. Determined not to pay for another throwaway bag, my wife and I designed an updated version of the bag we saw. It was a fun project and we feel that we have come up with a great product. A perfect blend of form and function.

Best of all our products are hand-made here in the USA!