Aikido & Iaido Weapons Case

$ 75.00

Safely store and transport your weapons to and from the dojo with our weapons bag. Designed primarily for use with Japanese weapons, this bag will hold Jos, Bokkens, Shinai, and more! Our single pocket design and oversized zipper make it easy to find what you're looking for. Tanto and Tsuba can be stored in a secure front pocket. 

Made from a durable, nylon material, our bags are very strong but remain lightweight and water resistant. Weapon tips rest inside a thick leather pouch which will not puncture with years of use. We believe so strongly in the bags we sell that we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty. If your bag wears out from normal wear and tear, we will fix it or replace it, no questions asked. The inside measurement of our bag is 4' 9".

All bags are manufactured in the United States.